Thursday, April 28, 2005

My Eco-system is out-of-whack

In order to survive our here on the ranch, we have to have an ecosystem in-place where a hierarchy of critters eats the undesirable substrata in the food chain:

  • I have a flock of Guinea Hens that constantly patrol, eating ticks, chiggers and mosquitoes
  • We have black snakes in the barn to eat stray mice feeding off of dropped oats
  • I have barn cats to kill the larger vermin like rats and Raccoons
  • With 55 horses, flies are a huge issue. We use “fly predators”, small flying bugs who feast on fly larvae

All is-well outside, but my house is being over-run with mice. Our elderly cat (Whitney) has stopped eating mice . .

Lizzie, our Yorkie-poo died last year at age 18, and she was a fantastic mouser. She would kill and eat mice by the dozen, crunching them whole. For some reason, Lizzie would like to eat her mice in the house, and I would often catch her at the door, looking up at me with a tail hanging from her mouth.

Anyway, Noel, our latest addition, is only six month old, and she has not learned to eat mice yet.

Our Vets, Dr’s Chris and Amy O’Malley say that mice have complete nutritional balance and are the ideal food for cats and dogs:

The Catkins diet: