Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cats fighting dogs

Cats have a mean left hook

Some cats know Karate too:

A cat at the Vet

This kitty made me smile:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Learning Falconry

The Greenbrier Resort has a Falconry program, and for only $98 per hour, they will give you a demonstration.

The program is off the resort site, and the tours are full of screaming kids and yankee tourists.

At $200 for two, it’s a major tourist rip-off, but it is interesting to know that learning the sport of falconry requires a license, passing a test, plus a multi-year apprenticeship.

They also train owls and eagles to hunt small prey like rabbits and ducks.

They tell you that the falcons are super stupid, and that once you cover-up their prey with your foot, they forget that it’s there!

Once their blinder hood is on, they think it’s night and you can handle them easily.

Monday, September 27, 2010

If Star wars was a silent movie!

Very creative!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yawning animals

Yawning is contagious among all mammals, not just people:

In other animals, showing of teeth indicates aggression.

Man, check out the ears on this yawning critter:

Cats yawn all the time, lazy creatures.

Do otters sleep in watwer?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ann de Wees Allen; Quack of the year

The J-Walk Blog has noted a new Internet scammer, “Dr.” Ann de Wees Allen, who gets my vote as quack of the year.

Check out her “Medical biography”.

It reminds me of phony scientists from overseas, all gobberish and nothing concrete:

“Known in the industry as the "Alpha Scientist," Dr. Allen is in the forefront of scientific breakthroughs, including Nanotechnology, NanoMolecules, Quantum Chocolate, Genetic polymorphisms in Dysregulated Arginine Metabolism, Sickle Cell Polymorphisms, Thalassemia, Blind Amino Acid Riders, L-Arginine Isoform Pathways, and Edible Computer Chips.”

That’s right, Edible Computer Chips.

Watch his quack in action:

And if you need more proof that Ann de Wees Allen is a quack, see this:

“Shalom, they call me the Alpha Scientist. I own a nutraceuticals company; I own a Human testing facility in the University of Florida and have hundreds of researchers working under me.

I am a multi-millionaire many times over for my patents.

One of my patents was named breakthrough product of the year by success magazine and I beat Bill Gates out that year for the award.

It is always nice to beat Bill Gates at anything I think the message I want to deliver is: I am head of the Agel medical advisory board, the Scientific advisory board so anything that goes in your mouth is my responsibility."

I like this redundant quote, clearly written by an idiot:

“I am a multi-millionaire many times over”

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Determined dog escape!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Real World Simpsons

Real world Homer Simpson

Real world Bart Simpson:

Real World Lisa Simpson:

Monday, September 13, 2010

Back breasts

I never heward of "back boobs", but I've seen them at Wal-Mart . . . .

Back breasts, range from sexy to icky . . . .

Rabbit hopping competition!

This is different, a rabbit hopping competition.

Bull leaps into the stands!

I detest torturing animals, and this bull has the right idea, maiming some cruel spectators!

Revenge of the bull!

The crime of Bastardy

The charge of bastardy was often used when a father was refusing to support a child born out of wedlock.

Today, being a bastard carries no shame.

Frankly, I've never understood why people don't teach their children that un-wed parents should be scorned by society, but I was born in the wrong century . . .

The crime of "Bastardy"

Usually, the court would require the man to pay a lump sum to cover any maintenance costs up to that point, and then order him to make a weekly payment of around $3 thereafter.

Frank Soda charged with Bastardy

Here we see the case of Frank Soda who was charged with Bastardy in 1946.

He was arrested for making a little bastard, jailed, but he escaped and was never captured for his bastardly act:

Frank Soda: Do you know this bastardly man?

Frank was twenty-six years old, with a wife back in Warren, Ohio, when he got a New Castle girl pregnant.

The charge of bastardy was often used when a father was refusing to support a child born out of wedlock; in this case, Frank was that father . . .

Frank broke out of prison and was never caught:

"Frank wasn’t caught, though. . . . Frank slipped off, stole a car and vanished, seemingly never to be heard of again by the police, that girl in New Castle or his child."

If you have seen Frank Soda, he would be about 90 years old today, never having paid back society for his Bastardy.

BTW, Bastardy was decriminalized in 1974 . . . and today's it's even become fashionable for celebeities to have a whole family of little bastards.

Rasta Dogs with Dreadlocks!

I want a Puli dog, the dogs with dreadlocks!

Dogs with dreads need a matching Rasta hat . . . .

I have several Caribbean clients who say that should be regarded as a true religion.

Kudzu Overload!

Kudzu was imported to the American South from Asia in the early 20th century to serve as erosion control.

And it worked too well! Kudzu grows over enerything in sight!

Kudzu can cover an entire house, and that's a house in the middle of this photo, you can barely see the bottom of the doors:

Kudzu goes grows so fast you can hear it grow, and Kudzu can cover a parked car in just a few days.

When you hear Kudzu growing, it makes the same crackling sound that bamboo makes when growing.

Kudzu grow-up poles, making sculptures, like this Kudzu sheperd:

Fortunately, Kudzu is high water content and horses and livestock find it absolutely delicious!

They prefer eating Kudzu over Bermuda hay, their favorite . . .

Sunday, September 12, 2010

2010 top people & space photos

2010 award winners

Just mash the "play" button . . .

Funny Japanese Navy recruiting commercial!

Since the Japanese atrocities of WWII, the Japanese are forever disallowed to have a fighting navy, only a defense naval force.

And you can sure tell this from their Navy recruiting commercials!

Giant motorcycles!

I think that men who ride motorcycles are compensating for something . . .

giant motorcycles

Gas Pump Patriotism!

I love it, patriotic messages at the gas station:

Art from toilet paper tubes

Very creative, this site featuring toilet paper tube art.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Was George Washington a xenophobe?

Beware of Foreign Influence

I recently saw this famous old painting of George Washington at The Greenbrier, and I have enlarged the note by his right hand because of its importance to 21st century America:

Beware of Foreign Influence

In today’s liberal culture you would call this painting xenophobic, which is total crap.

It’s a common technique for hippies to say that anybody who does not approve of something is “phobic”, trying to embarrass them as-if they have some hidden desires.

It's the same garbage that homosexuals use. When somebody find their practices "icky", they label them as “homophobes”. . . .

It does not take a genius to punch holes is this nonsense:

- Are people who hate child molesters “Pedophobes”?

- Are people who don't like to have sex with animals are “Beastophobes”?

- Are people who are wary of foreign influence are “Xenphoobes”?

Just as it was 200 years ago, America is under direct threat from foreign influence, mostly from European countries.

I work with computers, and America is being flooded with phony-baloney self-proclaimed European “experts” who spout anti-American nonsense with free abandon.

Please join me in campaigning to Congress to put a stop to O-1 Visa Fraud.

Here is a sample H1-B Visa fraud complaint letter that you can use as a starting point to make your voice heard.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Original South Park Introduction

The original South Park introduction was very dark, almost horror movie music . . .

When I grow up I want to be like Mommy!

Can you imagine what the teacher thought when she saw this child's drawing?

Cat Sandwich

You can find anything on the Interweb . . . .

Cat sandwiches

Chicken, chicken, chicken: Parody of college lectures

I like this hilarious parody of lame College PowerPoint presentations:

Cat torture scandal in England!

People who enjoy torturing small animals should be imprisoned for life, truly evil folks.

But in some backward countries, torturing small animals is allowed!

Hurting small animals is the first sign if a psychopath, why wait to lock them up?

I advocate starting a sociopath registry, just like they do with sex offenders.

This shocking surveillance camera caught this evil British woman dumping a cat into a dumpster to let it suffer and die:

She has been identified as Mary Bale, here is her photo and details about her.

Draconian British Law allows animal torture

Evidently, in England, torturing a live animal is not a crime and she remains free . . .

World’s best slingshot expert

Here in North Carolina, Rufus Hussey was a legend, he made the slingshot look so easy.

This amazing video is not edited.

After years of practice, you can hunt small game with a slingshot.

I used to make lethal slingshots from Oak sticks and sliced rubber inner tubes . . .

Lawsuit over Baptizing fat dead people

I learned something today.

People of different Christian faiths have vastly different Baptism practices.

Some Christians Baptize their followers as babies as soon as possible after birth:

Some religons Baptize older children:

Some sects Baptize only adults:

And some Baptize the dead.

Lawsuit obver Baptizing the Dead

I did not know this, but several religions Baptize their dead ancestors.

Upon being Baptized, some believe that God snatches their charred and tormented souls of their ancestors from the bowels of Heck and tosses them through the Pearly Gates.

What a nice thing to do for that ancient ancestor who was hung as a horse thief!

However, baptizing the dead is not without its perils, according to this lawsuit.

This is from a New York Times article titled “Saving Souls Hurt Back”:

“The suit filed Wednesday in Salt Lake City claims that Daniel Dastrup injured his back after performing about 200 baptisms on Aug. 25, 2007.

He said some of those who were baptized weighed as much as 250 pounds.”

Buying a fake college diploma online!

I interview job candidates every week for my clients, and I'm getting pretty good at spotting fake degrees.

Almost all from foreigners who arrive in America using fake credientials, many who are part of the H1-B scam and the O1 Visa Fraudsters.

It's sad fraud has really become an epidemic among computer people.

Online, fake computer experts can be easily spotted because they refuse to disclose their credientials or resume. However, in the real world, they are forced to lie, and that's where you can spot purchased college degrees.

Posers know that they cannot be arrested for lying on their resumes, and fake computer experts litter the Internet. Because plagiarism is not a crime, there is no way to have dishonest H1-B visa holders deported.

Buy your degree online!

I fished this out of my spam bucket today, too funny! Check out the bad grammar!

Wasting time is not for busy people, they buy their diplomas online.

Want to get a new university diploma but don't have time or money for that?

You are already qualified specialist but want to prove it with an official document?

Than our service is just for you, you can get any degree diploma you want with our help.

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