Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spotting fake university degrees

I’m way to trusting. In this day and age, I still make the mistake of taking people at their word.
Resume fraud is Rampant, and over half of the resume I get today contain outright lies, including fake university credentials. Worse yet and the fake degrees from diploma mills, where you “pay your fee and get your B”.

Here are some scumbags who brag about graduating from this diploma mill

Founded by scammer James Kirk (no relation to Captain Kirk of Star Trek), LaSalle University gave out hundreds of baloney degrees shortly before he went to prison for mail fraud, listed hundreds of companies that they said had accepted and paid for their degrees.

“La Salle University in Louisiana, is a notorious degree mill that was shut down by federal authorities after a raid of its offices in 1995. Its founder, James Kirk, served more than four years in federal prison for mail fraud and tax evasion.”

I’ve now learned to look-up degrees and not take anyone at face value anymore, a sad commentary on the lying scum who send me resumes every day . . .

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These scumbags discredit everyone who worked hard for years to earn a real degree.