Monday, April 06, 2009

Eurotrash boycott Santa as an “American”!

Arrogant foreigners in Europe are now targeting Santa Claus in their "casual and insidious” campaign of anti-Americanism!

Check out this communist propoganda billboard:

Eurotrash socialists & communists want to make Santa an American!

Evidently, the Eurotrash are starting a “Santa go Home” campaign!

“the interloper, the “American Santa”, who to them stands for cultural colonization and callous commercialization" .

The article goes on to note the hypocracy of these arrogant anti-American Eurotrash. While Eurotrash hate American things, they still consume them:

They scorn the fact that he is artificial and “simple”, not having grown, like their Saint Nick, out of a long and time-tested cultural historical process. Lastly, Santa stands for Coca Cola… which they revile just as they drink it, often by the liter!”

Like they say on The Simpsons, it time to take out the Eurotrash!

I hope that they are right, that Santa is an American!

Here’s what an American Santa would give to these trashy people: