Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Harper Lee: The bestselling author nobody’s heard of.

Meet Harper Lee, the 84 year old reclusive author of “To Kill a Mockingbird”:

She never penned another novel, and most people never knew that the author of one of the bestselling books of all time was a lady and a recluse. . . .

President Bush awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2007:

Somebody needs to talk her into writing another book . . . .

Via the J-Walk blog

Is insanity or mental defect a defense for stolen valor?

North Carolina’s resident hero poser Michael Hamilton was in court today, offering up a lame defense of mental incompetence (mental defect i.e. senile dementia) for his horrendous and shameful acts against American heroes.

While insanity might have a bearing on sentencing, this is not the first time that this jackass was caught wearing the uniform of a war hero.

Hamilton was caught red handed posing as a ful bird Colonel and again as a 3 star general, all without serving a day of prison time.

A disgrace to America, lying sack of crap

I spoke with several Marines and they were more upset that be wore a Marine uniform with heroism medals than they were upset that he was posing as a general officer.

After listening to the tape, I believe that he is suffering from senile dementia, but that should not make him innocent.

The vast majority of military posers are either criminal “con men” or they have a serious mental problem, but most vets don’t give a flying flip.

It’s their honor, and I’m hearing them say to “show no mercy”, even for a senile old man.

I spoke with a retired Navy Captain (O-6), a physician, whose comment was “hang him high”, regardless of their mental state, and many other veys who have suffered greatly share this sentiment.

Personally, I’ll like to see the NC judge grow a set and start dishing out some serious jail time, which can then be partially suspended, in return for service at a VA hospital.

Michael Hamilton wanted attention, let’s have the vets give him some! He should be forced to work every weekend at a VA hospital empting bedpans while wear a sign saying

“I posed as a 3-star General, Silver Star and Purple Heart winner”

Hundreds of good men died for these awards, and it’s about time that America cracked-down of these dirtbags who disgrace our real heroes.

Soccer players vs. football players!

This nonsense of calling soccer “football” is ridiculous!

To say that these retards in this silly kicking game are playing “football” is somehow offensive to real football players . . .

Oh dear, this fellow nearly got a boo-boo:

I dunno, there should be a law against calling these people "football players", it's way too European . . .

Now this is a football player:

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Food that kills itself!

Bite me!

This page has a great collection of suicidal animals who are only too happy to slice themselves alive for your dining pleasure:

I like this little piggy, disemboweling himself for us!

And Mr. Duck, serving-up his firshborn. . .

Of course, this is how Col. Sanders really makes his KFC:

I just had to include this one:

That is so Rong . . . .

Monday, June 28, 2010

References to “Black Holes” found to be racist by illiterate minorities!

Ever since a Mayorial aide was wrongfully forced to resign for using the word “Niggardly” in a budget meeting, things have changed.

American have to be very careful not to use words that might be misunderstood as racist epaulets by the loud-mouthed idiots of the American illiterati.

“Last week David Howard, an aide to the Mayor of Washington, resigned after a staff meeting in which he called his budget ''niggardly.''

A colleague thought he had used a racial epithet, though in fact ''niggard'' is a Middle English word meaning ''miser.''

Res ipsa loquitur

Holy Black Holes, Batman

The latest nonsense from the American illiterati comes from the NAACP, whose geniuses found a reference to a “black hole” to be offensive in a Hallmark science-oriented greeting card!

There should be a law against illiterate people complaining about concepts that they don’t understand.

This video speaks for itself, just listen to the appalling ignorance of the people in this video:

Sadly, the NAACP was successful in having the card recalled by Hallmark, and they are no-doubt complaining to astrophysicists worldwide to remove the racist phrase “black hole” to something more politically correct.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dog ball fetching toy

Dogs can play fetch for hours, it's exhausting.

It's clear that a competent engineer built this this fetching toy.

It’s not easy to detect when Fido has placed the ball properly!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dog age to human age

Convert Dog years to human years

To convert dogs years to human years you must remember two factors:

Size Matters – Large dogs like Great Danes only live to be 10 years old, tiny dogs
like Chihuahuas live twice that long.

Dogs mature rapidly – The age comparison between dog’s years and human years is not linear. Dogs are mature at age two, while human enter adulthood at 14 years old.

Human equivalent years

Dog years

Giant breed

Large breed







Funny science fair projects:

Great Photoshopping skills here in these adulterated science fair projects:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pizza in a cone!

I was in Barcelona recently and saw this great idea, pizza in a cone!

The Japanese do it too, pizza cones:

They have mass produced pizza cones, not as appetizing as fresh:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

See yourself as an avatar character

First we had the ability to squirrelize your photo . . .

Now the magic of the interweb gives us the ability to upload a photo and see what you would look like when transformed into an Avatar character:

Avatar Yourself : Try it out!

You can do animals as Avatar characters too!

Avatar Cat

It even has image motion effects!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The dancing goose!

This dancing goose is a riot. He sure likes his goose chow . . .

Friday, June 18, 2010

The truth about Japanese food!

Very clever:

Amazing basketball turnaround

This is worth watching.

The crowd goes wild as the white team appears to win . . .

But wait, a last minute miracle occurs and the white team is grossly disappointed by an amazing comeback:

Wound stitches separation tips

This post is for the benefit of anybody who has had stitches come un-done, leaving a large gaping hole in your body.

I am having a super-painful stitched wound that had has come un-done and the wound has opened up wide, despite the stitches!

It has left a gaping hole in my side, and even though you can still see the subcutaneous stitches, it has created a hole where you can see clear through my skin into my carcass below:

This is not a vagina

If you look closely above you can see the two intact stitches, drawn-up as tight as violin strings.

In this case, my doctor has elected not to re-stitch me, and I have to pack the open gash with salted gauze and wait for subcutaneous regeneration to re-generate my skin from the inside out.

Its weird having a gaping hole in your body, plus it produces pain that defies description!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Susie’s Law makes animal cruelty a felony!

A few years ago I filed a criminal complaint against a dirtbag Christian Minister who deliberately starved a baby pony.

The baby was near death when the creep forced me to pay $500 to save her, and despite the heroic efforts of Dr. Chris O’Malley, she died in the hospital.

The scumbag pled guilty and paid a small fine, when his act of cruelty should have been a felony and resulted in a stiff prison term.

Make no mistake, people who torture animals belong in jail, and animal abuse is linked to sociopath behavior, a predictor of serial killers.

See this report where Alexander Davis and Evelyn Jeanette Williams burglarized a house and then deliberated roasted a pet to death, just for fun.

Well, I’m thrilled to report that animal cruelty is now a felony in North Carolina as Susie’s Law was passed this week.

Susie, burned and beaten

Susies' Law was passed after after sociopath LaShawn Whitehead of Greensboro burned, beat and left his 8-week-old puppy to die. The ooutrage was that a judge only gave him probation, when he belonged in prison:

Lashawn Whitehead: A menace to society

Teofilo Falaniko: Roasted a small dog alive

And this creep Terry Kleiman broke into ex-girlfriend's House and cooked her dog alive:

Susie's Law is a small victory, but judges need to become aware that torturing animals is a precursor to even more henious crimes.

Those who are convicted of torturing an animal needs to be locked-away from society for life and a National Sociopoath registry needs to be established to warn people about these dangerous criminals.

Water sculpture fountain!

This fountain works like a laser jet printer, except with water. I

It can render some mighty fine water silhouettes:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Anthropomorphism pictures

Anthropomorphism is the act of misattributing human emotions and feelings to animals.

This is the most famous anthropormorphic cartoon, the Internet dog:

Check out these Anthropomorphism pictures

This one is mighty strange:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The sport of Goose Pulling!

Goose Pulling is a sport where you take a live goose, hang it upside-down and then ride a horse underneath it and try to yank off its head!

Goose Pulling is banned in most countries, but it's still practiced in some areas:

Monday, June 14, 2010

Church Fight! Priest attacks Mexican Lady!

Nothing like a good old fashioned church fight!

I don't know what country this is from, but it looks Mexican.

I love the part where the Father douses the lady in Holy water!

The Thatcher upside-down mouth effect

From the J-Walk blog, this funny animated gif, showing the “Thatcher effect” whereby an upside image with an inverted mouth looks fine:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Funny facial expressions

Good stories need no narrative; the facial expressions tell the tale and the photograph speaks for itself.

And this lady’s expression tells the whole story:

They say that men are almost autistic when it comes to reading a woman’s facial expressions, they all we see are rage and crying.

Here is a list of facial expressions for guys:

Friday, June 11, 2010

The world’s luckiest people video

This is worth watching the last one is a riot!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Portrait of a suer

A “suer” (rhymes with “sewer”) is a person who files lawsuits for living.

Look at this stinker never bathes and then sues people who refuse to server him.

Now THAT stinks . . .

Richard Kreimer – a professsional suer

Creepy snake / mouse double face

Everybody knows that snakes eat mice, but this photo gave me chills:

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Amazing sinkhole in Guatemala

Coyote survives car impact and rides for over 500 miles!

We have a problem with live coyotes, and Jen’s husband traps them for re-sale.

But this story is truly amazing story of coyote survival:

Used to be you could get $5 bounty for the left ear of a coyote, but now they trap and relocate them.

Friday, June 04, 2010

The smoking toddler!

In case you missed the news, check out this toddler with a bad smoking habit!

What kind of parent gives a toddler cigarettes?

According to the report below, it was his father, a man named Mohammed, who encouraged the baby to start smoking.

I cannot imagine the fire hazard . . .

Learning to smoke with play

Here is a smoking toy from Japan, the smoking baby:

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bogus Wikipedia High School pages!

Wikipedia has become the true dictatorship of idiots! No legitimate scientist would be caught dead publishing anything on Wikipedia, for fear that some naughty child would change their words!

Evidently it happens all the time.

I recently heard of a group of naughty 8 years olds who have undertook a contest to see who can publish the most incorrect information on Wikipedia within 30 days.

This is what happens when you let anonymous children, crazies and drug addicts have the same credibility as a college professor.

See my notes here on why Wikipedia has a credibility crisis!

I’m surprised that the search engines have not adjusted their algorithms to shove Wikipedia back to the tenth page of the search results.

IMHO, it;s irresponsible for a search engine to gived credibility to anonymous publications . . .

Bogus high school Wikipedia pages!

I noticed that my alma Mater (Highland High School in Albuquerque, NM) has its own Wikipedia page!


The page is full or errors, even suggesting a connection to Beavis & Butthead:

"Highland High School is the basis of the Highland High in Beavis and Butthead, as creator Mike Judge grew up in Albuquerque.”

Like most everything on Wikipedia, this is totally incorrect (Judge based in on a high school in Richland Texas), but what do you expect?

Curiously, it does not mention my 1974 classmate, billionaire Gavin Maloof who now owns the Palms casino in Las Vegas:

Gavin Maloof: The first billionaire of the High High School class of 1974

See my notes here how millionaires and even billionaires are becoming commonplace,so maybe having a billionaire graduate is not noteworthy.

One out of out of every 180 people is a millionaire and America boats nearly 400 billionaires.

Me, I want to know who was convicted of the most felonies, the most divorces, the juicy gossip.

It’s fun to look at old high school year book pictures, here’s mine:

Don Burleson's high school yearbook photo

Chav lotto winner broke after 8 year spending spree!

It amazes me how many lottery winners wind up broke after a few years, it’s almost become the rule, not the exception, and it make me wonder if there is a reason that these people did not have money in the first place.

This British Twit Garbageman blew millions of dollars of skanky English whores and drugs and must now return to his day job as a trash men!

He was known as “King of the Chavs”!

A Chav

A Chav is the British equivalent of American “trailer trash”. They are usually on the dole, bad teeth, low breeding, incredibly stupid and wildly agressive, just like American trailer trash except for their bizarre fondness for Burberry and cheap Bling:

A Chavette: The female chav

“Carroll's jackpot win in 2002 disappeared with astonishing speed as the tattooed self-styled 'King of the Chavs' lavished several million pounds on family and friends and hundreds of thousands on drugs.

By the end of 2003, he was smoking £2,000 of crack cocaine every day and hosting drug and drink fuelled parties at his £325,000 home"

Lotto winner, flashing the traditional Chav salutation

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

World’s dumbest album cover

There are plenty of stupid album covers, but some stand out as truly dumb.

Here is the Latio group Unicornio, with what must be the dumbest album cover ever made.

As Beavis & Butthead might say, "Cornholio"!

And speaking of gay Unicorns . . .