Friday, June 18, 2010

Wound stitches separation tips

This post is for the benefit of anybody who has had stitches come un-done, leaving a large gaping hole in your body.

I am having a super-painful stitched wound that had has come un-done and the wound has opened up wide, despite the stitches!

It has left a gaping hole in my side, and even though you can still see the subcutaneous stitches, it has created a hole where you can see clear through my skin into my carcass below:

This is not a vagina

If you look closely above you can see the two intact stitches, drawn-up as tight as violin strings.

In this case, my doctor has elected not to re-stitch me, and I have to pack the open gash with salted gauze and wait for subcutaneous regeneration to re-generate my skin from the inside out.

Its weird having a gaping hole in your body, plus it produces pain that defies description!