Thursday, June 03, 2010

Chav lotto winner broke after 8 year spending spree!

It amazes me how many lottery winners wind up broke after a few years, it’s almost become the rule, not the exception, and it make me wonder if there is a reason that these people did not have money in the first place.

This British Twit Garbageman blew millions of dollars of skanky English whores and drugs and must now return to his day job as a trash men!

He was known as “King of the Chavs”!

A Chav

A Chav is the British equivalent of American “trailer trash”. They are usually on the dole, bad teeth, low breeding, incredibly stupid and wildly agressive, just like American trailer trash except for their bizarre fondness for Burberry and cheap Bling:

A Chavette: The female chav

“Carroll's jackpot win in 2002 disappeared with astonishing speed as the tattooed self-styled 'King of the Chavs' lavished several million pounds on family and friends and hundreds of thousands on drugs.

By the end of 2003, he was smoking £2,000 of crack cocaine every day and hosting drug and drink fuelled parties at his £325,000 home"

Lotto winner, flashing the traditional Chav salutation