Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is insanity or mental defect a defense for stolen valor?

North Carolina’s resident hero poser Michael Hamilton was in court today, offering up a lame defense of mental incompetence (mental defect i.e. senile dementia) for his horrendous and shameful acts against American heroes.

While insanity might have a bearing on sentencing, this is not the first time that this jackass was caught wearing the uniform of a war hero.

Hamilton was caught red handed posing as a ful bird Colonel and again as a 3 star general, all without serving a day of prison time.

A disgrace to America, lying sack of crap

I spoke with several Marines and they were more upset that be wore a Marine uniform with heroism medals than they were upset that he was posing as a general officer.

After listening to the tape, I believe that he is suffering from senile dementia, but that should not make him innocent.

The vast majority of military posers are either criminal “con men” or they have a serious mental problem, but most vets don’t give a flying flip.

It’s their honor, and I’m hearing them say to “show no mercy”, even for a senile old man.

I spoke with a retired Navy Captain (O-6), a physician, whose comment was “hang him high”, regardless of their mental state, and many other veys who have suffered greatly share this sentiment.

Personally, I’ll like to see the NC judge grow a set and start dishing out some serious jail time, which can then be partially suspended, in return for service at a VA hospital.

Michael Hamilton wanted attention, let’s have the vets give him some! He should be forced to work every weekend at a VA hospital empting bedpans while wear a sign saying

“I posed as a 3-star General, Silver Star and Purple Heart winner”

Hundreds of good men died for these awards, and it’s about time that America cracked-down of these dirtbags who disgrace our real heroes.