Thursday, June 17, 2010

Susie’s Law makes animal cruelty a felony!

A few years ago I filed a criminal complaint against a dirtbag Christian Minister who deliberately starved a baby pony.

The baby was near death when the creep forced me to pay $500 to save her, and despite the heroic efforts of Dr. Chris O’Malley, she died in the hospital.

The scumbag pled guilty and paid a small fine, when his act of cruelty should have been a felony and resulted in a stiff prison term.

Make no mistake, people who torture animals belong in jail, and animal abuse is linked to sociopath behavior, a predictor of serial killers.

See this report where Alexander Davis and Evelyn Jeanette Williams burglarized a house and then deliberated roasted a pet to death, just for fun.

Well, I’m thrilled to report that animal cruelty is now a felony in North Carolina as Susie’s Law was passed this week.

Susie, burned and beaten

Susies' Law was passed after after sociopath LaShawn Whitehead of Greensboro burned, beat and left his 8-week-old puppy to die. The ooutrage was that a judge only gave him probation, when he belonged in prison:

Lashawn Whitehead: A menace to society

Teofilo Falaniko: Roasted a small dog alive

And this creep Terry Kleiman broke into ex-girlfriend's House and cooked her dog alive:

Susie's Law is a small victory, but judges need to become aware that torturing animals is a precursor to even more henious crimes.

Those who are convicted of torturing an animal needs to be locked-away from society for life and a National Sociopoath registry needs to be established to warn people about these dangerous criminals.