Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Today every American needs to reflect upon those who suffer to keep us free.

God Bless our fighting forces and the sacrifices of their families:

It was only because of these sacrifices that we are fortunate to live in the best country in the history of mankind.

Jimi Hendrix - Army 101st Airborne

Drew Carey – USMC

George Carlin – USAF

God Bless America . . .

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Donkey found not guilty of assault!

I’ve never been to Croatia or Eastern Europe, but I’ve seen the Borat movie, so I guess this makes sense, an 8 year long trial for a jackass:

“A Croatian donkey has been found not guilty of assault after a trial lasting eight years.”

The charges were serious, as Dino the Donkey bit a girl in Blazevdol . . .

Dino – Dead of old age, but not guilty

Saturday, May 29, 2010

UNC Lesbian must pay back Army!

The act of “coming out” is a tactic used by military people since the American Revolution, as a way to avoid combat and put one over on Uncle Sam.

The most famous example of somebody acting like a deviant was Corporal Klinger from the MASH TV show:

Claiming sexual deviance to avoid military duty is nothing new

In the real world, we see soldiers like Dr. John Hensala who used homosexuality as an excuse to stiff the military for the costs of his medical school training!

Now, admitted homosexual Sara Isaacson may learn the hard way that you don’t stiff Uncle Sam!

America wants its money back!

C’mon, you don’t just decide overnight that you are a lesbian. . .

Shame on you, Sara Isaacson

The latest con is people claiming to be homosecual to avoid a sucky deployment or to Welch on a promise to serve their country:

“The military has historically fought attempts by those who would leave the military early under Don't Ask, Don't Tell and other circumstances without repayment of their college costs.

The military fears that could open the financial floodgates, forcing the government to give a free education to those who can't or won't make good on their commitment to serve on active duty and later in the Reserves.”

There is talk of charging her with fraud if it’s proven that she had homosexual encounters during college.

Gross McDonalds Shrek ice cream

And these McDonalds specials:

Friday, May 28, 2010

Boxer dog jumping on trampoline!

Fido is having a great time hopping on the back yard trampoline!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Photoshop as a consmetic

What a great idea, somebody should name a tube of goo cosmetic after photoshop:

Via here

How to fire people with bad credit

Almost without exception, people with bad credit do not respect their obligations, and it’s insane to hire somebody with bad credit and put them in a trusted job.

In my business (computer systems that handle large amounts of money), it's bad management NOT to fire somebody who gets bad credit. They become a bad risk, and their promises are not worth the paper they are printed on.

It amazes me how many hypocrites I see, people to claim to be religious and moral, but who have no qualms breaching their contracts if it suits them. They will tell you that they are men of honor, but their bad credit history betrays them as untrustworthy scum. I lose no sleep canning people like this:

Employers are now stepping up and exercising their right to discriminate against bums with bad credit, denying them jobs and prtomotions, and in some cases firing them for immoral behavior.

Only bums pay their debts late

I interview lots of people, and I’ve heard every excuse in the book for having bad credit (catastrophic illness), and it’s all bogus.

Honest people who whatever it takes to stay current with their obligations, pawning goods and taking out 2nd mortgages.

My brother-in-law had a catastriphic medical expense and rather than do the wrong thing, he sold his house and lived in a trailer for a decade until he paid just just debt.

If you think that you are going to convince an employer that paying a debt late is justified, think again.

You can not only deny a job to people with bad credit, you can also deny them promotions and in some cases, you are required to fire somebody who has bad credit.

See my notes on how to screen employees for immoral behavior

Personal Integrity is an absolute requirement for any job working with computers.

I’m now using this Questionnaire for evaluating moral turpitude, and making the job applicants pay beck the $1,400 cost of a background investigation if they lie about their personal history.

Your bad credit can and will be used against you, and The Government shows how to discriminate against people with bad credit.

Black Snakes keep the vipers away

Today we had a special visitor, a friendly black snake, and we immediately tried to make him feel welcome!

Black snakes are very special friends because they keep us safe by hunting and killing pit vipers, the deadly water moccasins (cottonmouth) and copperhead snakes that live on our ranch.

Today we got a visit from our new friend which Janet has named “Leroy”:

Leroy: Our new friend

Leroy is a beauty, over five feet long, and we spent over an hour with him, letting him get used to our scent so that he knows that we will not hurt him.

With a proper homecoming, a black snake will choose to hang around, which is perfect for us since we have had to kill severl deadly vipers in the tall grass this year!

The black snakes will scare away the copperheads and water moccasin. It’s quite a shock to see a snake taking a dip in the swimming pool!

Snakes in a pool: creepy stuff!

This one was just a milk snake, that looks like a water moccasin, but you must be careful to know which snakes to kill. Carolina people have used this poem for centuries:

"Red to yellow, kill a fellow. . . . Red to black, venom lack."

Black snakes love to hunt and kill the water moccasins.

This is what you don't want to see, a deadly snake in a pool.

You can't shoot them without damaging the pool lining, and it hard to bash them to death in the water.

To kill a poisonour snake in a swimming pool you have to scoop them out and blast them with a 14 gague, a lot of trouble . . .

Water moccasin are hard to kill without damaging the pool

The copperheads like swimming also, and they are attrached to pools:

Copperheads like swimming pools too

All in all, there is no better way to keep venenous snakes away than to have a black snake.

Sometimes a friendly black snake will come into your house to hunt mice:

Never, ever kill a black snake

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

American Illiterati homonyms: Get them wild they last!

I get uphauled at the creative use of English here in NC, where they put a sign in the Kittrell Post Office that they would no longer address mail for illiterate people.

We saw this sign at a Kittrell country store that the Cooler’s are selling something, but only wild they last:

Get them wild they last!

See my list of homonyms used by the American illiterati:

Respect are Country

Street legal airplane

I’ve been a licensed pilot since 1973, and one reason I don’t fly places is because I get “stuck” at small airports with no read transportation.

Check this out a Street Legal Airplane.

It costs $194,000, not much more money than a standard Piper or Cessna, and it’s quite stylish too.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Baby Hippo - Cute Overload:

Newborn baby hippo

Daddy Hippo

North Carolina old man charged with impersonating a Marine General

Update 5/30/2010: PFC Hamilton has appeared in court, using an insanity defense!

I have notes showing that stolen valor is an epidenic, and as the son of a real decorated combat veteran, I'm beyond disgusted at hero posers.

The Stolen Valor act provides stiff prison terms for those who dare pose a military heroes, and this creep Michael Hamilton of Richlands North Carolina should go to jail for a long, long time.

A legend in his own mind - Phoney Marine General

Listen to this asswipe, a disgrace to America. He was a Goddamn private, the FBI proved it, and he still insists that he was a Lt. General and then a Colonel:

Private Michael Hamilton, former Lt. general poser, now only posing as a Marine Colonel

This buttwipe has disgraced the Armed Forces before and got off with a slap on the wrist:

“It’s the second time he’s attempted to pass himself off as a high ranking officer: Hamilton was previously convicted of altering a military ID card to represent himself as a three-star general.”

The last time this lying sack of crap Mike Hamilton was convicted, he was posing as a Lt. General and he only got a slap on the wrist.

It’s about time that the Federal Judges started taking the Stolen Valor act seriously and start handing out more stiff prison sentences. Mike Hamilton belongs in prison.

Movie re-makes for old people

Top Gum

Friday, May 21, 2010

Chinese cyclist avoids certain death

Lucky man, caught on video:

Why employers will not hire job applicants with bad credit

Part of my job is helping companies choose upstanding honest professionals, and it's discouraging how many people these days don't understand that employers can and do use their bad credit rating to deny them employment!

Whether it's having lots of parking tickets (indicating disrespect for the law) or stiffing their creditors, smart employers will carefully avoid hiring any job candidates who have a history of not honoring their contractual obligations.

I had two resumes this week listing degrees on their resume that they had not yet earned!

In one case, the person indicated “2011” as his graduation year, but listed the degree as-if he had already earned it!

Rejecting job applicants with bad credit

Thank God we live in a country where employers are free to toss job applicants who disregard their contractual obligations:

Late Payers: People who pay their bills late have no respect for their contractual obligations.

Walk aways: People who walk away from mortgages are always of poor character, sticking an innocent bank with their own poor investment decision.

Defaulters: I cannot believe all of the people who justify sticking a hospital with their medical bills because they have a catastrophic illness.

See my full notes on why your credit history clearly shows if you are dishonest.

Some hippies think it's OK to stick others
with their own bad investments

On 60 Minutes they had a clip where people talked about “walking away” from their mortgages, sticking the bank with their bad debt, all because they could!

The scarey part was that they did not think that they were being dishinest!

This dirtbag does not tell the whole truth, that walking away from a mortgage stays on your credit record for life.

Although stiffing a creditor may not be used against you in a credit decision after seven years, it remains as evidence that you are a douchebag for the rest of your life.

Look at these losers in the video, scum whose dishonesty you can small a mile away.

It's a joke, listen to these dirtbags trying to rationalize sticking their bank with their own bad decisions:

Deer attacks fat man!

This is not really an attack, per se, it’s more like a lovers spat!

If you know about animals, this is a rutting male who thinks that obese man be sexy!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Working with inflamed buttholes

My family has a long hostory of working with butt holes, such as the famous Burleson Sanitarium, in it's day, the largest center in the world for treating diseases of the rectum:

The Burlesons: Working with buttholes for over 100 years

Man, I needed this today:

Test for True Friendship!

Via tywkiwdbi

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Woman misunderstands the new Arizona Law!

America has become a nation of ignorant people, but this is scarey, too scarey when I think that this woman has the right to vote.

This Michael Savage radio fellow lives up to his name, his response is both savage and entertaining:

And, or course, she is on welfare . . .

Auto Tune software makes singing lectures

The new “auto tune” technology is an audio processor that uses software to correct pitch in voices to match a musical tune!

The software tool is called a phase “vocoder” (vocoder is a made-up word consisting of the union of “voice” and “encoder”), a means to digitally encode vocal audio streams.

This application of autotune is quite interesting and melodic.

I like this one below, where they make it appear as if Jane Goodall is singing:

Jane Goodall with Don & Janet Burleson

Check this out, worth a watch:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Building jumper suicide mid-air pictures

Today, many people die by leaping from a tall skyscraper, giving photographers a few seconds to get pictures while the person plummets in mid-air to their death.

This picture is from the 1940’s from a suicide caught just before the lady hit the sidewalk:

The photograph is not always in mid-air and this is photograph appeared in LIFE magazine from a 1947 suicide where a lady jumped from the observation deck of the Empire State Building without any regard whatsoever for the owner of the car, which she totaled in impact:

Fires are a common cause of skyscraper jumpers, truly frightening photographs to document the last moments of life:

Sometime the police get there in the nick of time:

And who can forget these jumpers from 911, forced to jump from great heights to their death because of religious extremists:

You have to wonder what their last thoughts are about?

911: Never forget, Never forgive

Three minutes of falling to contemplate your death

My Dad flew in 52 combat missions in a B-17 in WWII and he told me that at 30,000 feet you could not wear your parachute because of the heavy electrically heated jackets that are required to survive the 30 degree below zero temperatures.

But the creepy part of death by falling is that if you got blown out of your bomber at 30,000 feet is that you have three full minutes to say your prayers before you go splat.

Here is German fighter camera footage showing American airmen falling for three minutes to their death, quite disturbing footage:

Three minutes to contemplate your death

Monday, May 17, 2010

The best restaurant in Henderson North Carolina

Henderson North Carolina is not known for fine dining, or even mediocre restaurants.

The most common review of the local restaurants is comparing the velocity of the inevitable projectile diarrhea from the poorly prepared food.

I’ve lived in the Henderson NC area for more than a decade, and in the heart of this gastronomic wasteland is a single great restaurant, the Henderson Country Club has a members-only restaurant with renowned Chef Gavin Jackson.

We eat there at least five times a week. It's the best restrurant in Henderson not only for the high-quality food, everything else is perfect, from the wait staff to the fellow diners who are composed of some of the most prominent and successful professionals in the area.

The restaurant carefuly screens all members (it' a true country club with high membership standards) and it has super-friendly people, great ambiance, dress code strictly enforced.

Henderson Country Club: Voted the best restaurant in Henderson (*)

Gavin is a true gastronome who loves to cook and I just got him a large smoker for his specialties of smoked seafood.

He does incredible giant apple wood smoked U8 diver scallops that melt in your mouth, drizzled with his sweet-hot sauce, pure ambrosia!

Master Chef Gavin Jackson

Gavin has thrilled diners in North Carolina’s best restaurants including The Glenwood Grill, Bloomsbury Bistro and most famous, The Second Empire in Raleigh North Carolina.

Membership has its privileges, and members of the Henderson Country Club are lucky to have one of the best chefs around, a true master who truly cares about taking fine dining to new levels.

Even with large functions, Jackson oversees the smallest detauils ensuring that the food is the best anywhere.

Gavin Jackson prepares specialty meals on-demand

Chef Gavin Jackson is a food fanatic, even when preparing meals for large groups.

(*) IMHO, the Henderson Country Club is hands-down the finest dining experience in Henderson North Carolina!

Best forged golf irons for 2010

I tried out all of the 2010 irons and as a mid handicapper (25-ish), I was blown away by the Callaway Diablo forged Irons.

See my notes on IMHO, the best golf irons for 2010 for mid handicappers

Foremost, I appreciate the craftsmanship of a fine piece of forged steel, but its all beauty that makes a great iron.

Callaway technology has figured out a way to forge a cavity back iron making these the top forged irons for 2010, far easier to hit that the traditional “blade” forged irons.

The best forged irons ever made

The Diablo forged pitching wedge is a masterpiece, perfected weighted and an iron if mass destruction that offers amazing backspin! Callaway notes:

“A high-strength 455 Carpenter Steel face is laser-welded into a soft 1020 carbon steel body, providing incredibly soft, responsive feel at impact.

The face material increases ball speeds for premium distance and allows weight to be strategically placed for better accuracy and control than a typical forged iron.”

After my own testing, I bought the 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron and pitching wedge, deadly accurate irons with great spin and feel.

I bought my 2010 irons at Dick’s Sporting Goods because you can buy individual irons.

There are two shaft choices, graphite and metal:

I went with the metal shaft irons, the best I’ve seen: