Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Medieval shoe fad!

There is the old adage "you can always tell a european but you can't tell them much", and it's true, it's quite easy to spot a european.

Most Europeans hate Americans, and besides their arrogance and open contempt for the USA, you can often tell one by their clothing, even before they even get a chance to open their mouths to demean you.

Rick Charles has this great article on why he would never live in Europe.

• It’s OLD
• Banker’s Hours
• People aren’t friendly
• Smokers are everywhere

A smug, arrogant European

You can always tell somebody who is from europe, it's as-if they are required by law to wear funny looking shoes:

European shoes

And now comes the Medieval shoe craze!

Always on the leading edge of sily-looking clothing, the latest in European trends are medieval shoes:

We used to call pointy shoes “roach killers”, and nothing says "I'm from europe" more than wearing a pair of thes beauties:

Nothing says "I'm from europe" better than mideval shoes