Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Military uniforms for Gay armed forces soldiers

President Obama has announced that he wants to allow homosexuals to serve openly in the military, and the question becomes what kind of uniforms are most appropriate for the fashionable homosexual Soldier and Sailor.

The few, the proud, the pink

I’m a supporter of gay rights and I think that gay folks should have the same right to live in tents and take orders from idiots as anybody else, but gays in the military need to be readily identifiable for a number of valid reasons.

Joining the military for sex

Let’s not kid ourselves; this whole issue about gays in the military is all about sex.

Young people, whether they are gay or straight, think about sex about five times a minute, and that’s a real issue when young people are forced to work under stressful conditions in close quarters.

When I was in High School I knew a girl who joined the Army just to get her pipes cleaned.

Bless her heart; she was seriously ugly and the mean kids called her “hatchet face”.

But she was no fool, she joined the Army because in a far away outpost, she would be super-desirable to men!

After enlisting, she sent me a note that she had never been happier, stationed in Greenland and being pursued by dozens of sex-deprived soldiers.

The Navy: Helping ugly girls get laid since 1776

"Taking all comers" into the military

It’s no secret that the military creates separate uniforms based on sexual preference, but what sort of uniforms should a sexual deviant soldiers wear?

The military has a proud history of different uniforms based on sexual preference

Homosexuality is only one type of sexual deviance, and once the military takes everyone regardless of sexual preferences, they will attract all sorts of folks, everything from Fetishes to Furries.

The central question is whether there be different military uniforms for each specific type of sexual deviance?

Panty hose and Pom Pom's are perfect for a gay serviceman in uniform

The question becaome whether we should introduce homosexuals into the military in the same way that females were introduced to military service, starting with a segregated fighting force?

An all-gay Military Service?

When they first allowed women into the military they had separate services for women. We saw the WAC for the Army Gal’s, the WAV’s for the Navy ladies and the WAF’s for Air Force females.

Several of my gay acquaintances tell me that the Navy has always been a popular choice for homosexuals, so maybe they could just designate the US Navy as a gay-only branch of the service?

Homosexuals love the Navy . . . .

They could even create entirely gay regiments, imagine the possibilities:

A Gay military regiment insignia

One other option would be to make an all-homo fighting force and give it a fitting name. A branch of the Army could be called the “Rump Rangers” or perhaps the Navy could have a gay branch knows as the “Butt Pirates”:

The "Rump Ranger" prototype Naval uniform for homosexuals