Monday, May 03, 2010

Everybody loves a Fireman

I work in a very stressful occupation and it’s critical that I hire people who can keep cool under high stress.

When entire factories are down because of a computer crash and hundreds of people are waiting on you, you need clear-thinking people like Firemen and military combat veterans, folks with "grace under fire".

It’s also no surprise that everybody loves a firemen!

Jen3 and her husband David helped us out recently at a computer conference, and I was honored to have a recognized hero working in our booth!

David is the real-deal, and he has stuck his neck out to save several lives, and for his valor he was promoted to lieutenant.

He is just a kid (I have ties in my closet that are older than him!), yet he is already assistant fire Chief!

Jen3 and David working the BC booth at a computer conference

North Carolina firemen are very special in my book, and I love this photo of a mother dog kissing the Charlotte Fireman who saved her and her puppies lives:

“The Kiss”