Friday, May 21, 2010

Why employers will not hire job applicants with bad credit

Part of my job is helping companies choose upstanding honest professionals, and it's discouraging how many people these days don't understand that employers can and do use their bad credit rating to deny them employment!

Whether it's having lots of parking tickets (indicating disrespect for the law) or stiffing their creditors, smart employers will carefully avoid hiring any job candidates who have a history of not honoring their contractual obligations.

I had two resumes this week listing degrees on their resume that they had not yet earned!

In one case, the person indicated “2011” as his graduation year, but listed the degree as-if he had already earned it!

Rejecting job applicants with bad credit

Thank God we live in a country where employers are free to toss job applicants who disregard their contractual obligations:

Late Payers: People who pay their bills late have no respect for their contractual obligations.

Walk aways: People who walk away from mortgages are always of poor character, sticking an innocent bank with their own poor investment decision.

Defaulters: I cannot believe all of the people who justify sticking a hospital with their medical bills because they have a catastrophic illness.

See my full notes on why your credit history clearly shows if you are dishonest.

Some hippies think it's OK to stick others
with their own bad investments

On 60 Minutes they had a clip where people talked about “walking away” from their mortgages, sticking the bank with their bad debt, all because they could!

The scarey part was that they did not think that they were being dishinest!

This dirtbag does not tell the whole truth, that walking away from a mortgage stays on your credit record for life.

Although stiffing a creditor may not be used against you in a credit decision after seven years, it remains as evidence that you are a douchebag for the rest of your life.

Look at these losers in the video, scum whose dishonesty you can small a mile away.

It's a joke, listen to these dirtbags trying to rationalize sticking their bank with their own bad decisions: