Monday, May 17, 2010

The best restaurant in Henderson North Carolina

Henderson North Carolina is not known for fine dining, or even mediocre restaurants.

The most common review of the local restaurants is comparing the velocity of the inevitable projectile diarrhea from the poorly prepared food.

I’ve lived in the Henderson NC area for more than a decade, and in the heart of this gastronomic wasteland is a single great restaurant, the Henderson Country Club has a members-only restaurant with renowned Chef Gavin Jackson.

We eat there at least five times a week. It's the best restrurant in Henderson not only for the high-quality food, everything else is perfect, from the wait staff to the fellow diners who are composed of some of the most prominent and successful professionals in the area.

The restaurant carefuly screens all members (it' a true country club with high membership standards) and it has super-friendly people, great ambiance, dress code strictly enforced.

Henderson Country Club: Voted the best restaurant in Henderson (*)

Gavin is a true gastronome who loves to cook and I just got him a large smoker for his specialties of smoked seafood.

He does incredible giant apple wood smoked U8 diver scallops that melt in your mouth, drizzled with his sweet-hot sauce, pure ambrosia!

Master Chef Gavin Jackson

Gavin has thrilled diners in North Carolina’s best restaurants including The Glenwood Grill, Bloomsbury Bistro and most famous, The Second Empire in Raleigh North Carolina.

Membership has its privileges, and members of the Henderson Country Club are lucky to have one of the best chefs around, a true master who truly cares about taking fine dining to new levels.

Even with large functions, Jackson oversees the smallest detauils ensuring that the food is the best anywhere.

Gavin Jackson prepares specialty meals on-demand

Chef Gavin Jackson is a food fanatic, even when preparing meals for large groups.

(*) IMHO, the Henderson Country Club is hands-down the finest dining experience in Henderson North Carolina!