Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Cone of Silence really works!

The old “cone of silence” gag from the TV show “Get Smart” turns out to be a really good way to communicate secret information, especially in a room that may be bugged.

Businesses are now using them for communicating confidential information:

The 21st century cone of silence

Evidently, the cone of silence really works and it’s coming from TV to reality!

The original 1960's cone of silence

In these days of super-hearing audio bugs, secure places see wisdom in the cone of silence and they are really using the cones for secure face-to-face communications!

However, the portable version of the cone of silence was less successful:

The miniatire cone of silence was a flop

The "tent of silence" did not work out too well either:

Here is how the cone of silence works: