Saturday, May 01, 2010

UN denies the Korean War

I’ve heard of Holocaust deniers, moon landing deniers and 911 deniers, and I can understand how some people want to re-write history to varnish-over embarrassing situations:

- Japanese schoolbooks do not mention the horrific war crimes against China nor do they mention the wholesale murder of thousands of American POW’s at Bataan.

- German schoolbooks don’t mention how the German citizenry worked together to exterminate an entire race of people.

- The United Nations denies that they helped fight in the Korean War!

That's right! As North Korea postures for their first assault on Seoul in 56 years, we need to understand that it will be American lives lost, not any of the UN troops.

It’s true. At the UN headquarters in New York City they have a large plaque commemorating the UN war actions and Korea is notably absent from the list!

When I asked why the Korean War was not on the plaque, they told me:

“Korea was mostly an American thing, and we choose to forget that we participated”.

Korea: The war that never was