Monday, May 17, 2010

Shippam’s English fish paste!

I can’t stand eating food that’s looking-up at me with dead eyes, and evidently the English people have the same problem.

The solution is to grind-up the fish into a paste into a smelly sandwich spread!

This skanky British fish paste that dates back to the 1750’s, perhaps one reason for the American Revolution, a revolution for the revolting:

Yummy: Shippam’s Bloater Paste

I’m, sure that this is delicious, just not my cuppa tea, mashed-up bloater fish . . .

And WTF is a “bloater”? It sounds like a gassy English girl:

Evidently a “bloater” is a whole smoked herring, sounds delish:

This concoction reminds me of the old SNL skit (the Bass-o-matic):

The Bass-o-matic

I guess it’s true, British people really do blend-up fish into a gruel!