Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Building jumper suicide mid-air pictures

Today, many people die by leaping from a tall skyscraper, giving photographers a few seconds to get pictures while the person plummets in mid-air to their death.

This picture is from the 1940’s from a suicide caught just before the lady hit the sidewalk:

The photograph is not always in mid-air and this is photograph appeared in LIFE magazine from a 1947 suicide where a lady jumped from the observation deck of the Empire State Building without any regard whatsoever for the owner of the car, which she totaled in impact:

Fires are a common cause of skyscraper jumpers, truly frightening photographs to document the last moments of life:

Sometime the police get there in the nick of time:

And who can forget these jumpers from 911, forced to jump from great heights to their death because of religious extremists:

You have to wonder what their last thoughts are about?

911: Never forget, Never forgive

Three minutes of falling to contemplate your death

My Dad flew in 52 combat missions in a B-17 in WWII and he told me that at 30,000 feet you could not wear your parachute because of the heavy electrically heated jackets that are required to survive the 30 degree below zero temperatures.

But the creepy part of death by falling is that if you got blown out of your bomber at 30,000 feet is that you have three full minutes to say your prayers before you go splat.

Here is German fighter camera footage showing American airmen falling for three minutes to their death, quite disturbing footage:

Three minutes to contemplate your death