Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Taking your dog to see Jay Leno live in Las Vegas!

I’ve seen all of the legendary stand-ups in Las Vegas (George Carlin, Bill Cosby) and you cannot beat Jay Leno live at the Mirage.

The Mirage also has a real copy of the Carnegie Deli, for unbeatable after-show food, home-made pastrami and kosher pickles that melt in your mouth . . .

When he lost the tonight show, I noticed that Leno toned-down his humor for a younger audience, so I expected Jay to tweak-it-up in Vegas, and tell the raunchy jokes that he cannot say on TV.

I was not disappointed, we laughed till we cried . . . I especially loved his stories about his family . . .

Jay Leno: The nicest guy in Hollywood

Jay Leno is known as the nicest guy on TV and it’s all true, he is truly considerate about other people, and he is very careful never to hurt anybody's feelings.

Back when Janet was starting the Guide Horse Foundation she was ripped-on unmercifully by TV comedians like Jon Stewart.

But in a true act of graciousness, Jay’s staff writers contacted us to ensure that Jay's jokes about the Guide Horses did not offend the blind people.

Jay Leno is a class act, all the way. . .

He respects his audience and wears a nice suit and a white shirt, not like nasty George Carlin who performed in a dirty sweatshirt and hoped that lots of cursing would somehow make him funny . . . .

To his credit, Jay Leno does not need the F-bomb to make people laugh.

In fact, he did not use the F word once . . .

Hold the Chef Michael Jokes!

We brought along Noel to the Leno show (she cries if we leave her alone in the hotel room!), and Noel normally sleeps quietly in Janet's purse during shows:

Noel is a mighty tiny dog who lives in a purse

However, Jay Leno started making jokes about “Chef Michael”, and Noel woke up!

Chef Michael is synonymous with dog food for tiny dogs, and whenever Noel hears the words “Chef Michael”, she thinks it is dinnertime!

I wonder how many other dogs in the audience were disturbed by Leno’s dog food joke?

I love this picture, Riley the smiling dog on his birthday: