Monday, June 28, 2010

References to “Black Holes” found to be racist by illiterate minorities!

Ever since a Mayorial aide was wrongfully forced to resign for using the word “Niggardly” in a budget meeting, things have changed.

American have to be very careful not to use words that might be misunderstood as racist epaulets by the loud-mouthed idiots of the American illiterati.

“Last week David Howard, an aide to the Mayor of Washington, resigned after a staff meeting in which he called his budget ''niggardly.''

A colleague thought he had used a racial epithet, though in fact ''niggard'' is a Middle English word meaning ''miser.''

Res ipsa loquitur

Holy Black Holes, Batman

The latest nonsense from the American illiterati comes from the NAACP, whose geniuses found a reference to a “black hole” to be offensive in a Hallmark science-oriented greeting card!

There should be a law against illiterate people complaining about concepts that they don’t understand.

This video speaks for itself, just listen to the appalling ignorance of the people in this video:

Sadly, the NAACP was successful in having the card recalled by Hallmark, and they are no-doubt complaining to astrophysicists worldwide to remove the racist phrase “black hole” to something more politically correct.