Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Henderson’s own Will Stockdale: Sammy Jackson

As a child, one of my greatest thrills was getting to meet Sammy Jackson, the star of the 1964-65 TV sitcom, “No Time for Sergeants”.

How ironic is it that 40 years later, I find myself living just a few miles from his hometown of Henderson North Carolina.

This was a review for the TV show, based on the movie that blasted Andy Griffiths and Don Knotts into stardom:

“No Time for Sergeants is TV's most deserving new show because it would seem to be high time for Sergeants to jump into the television trough and suck up some of the gravy from the hillbilly trend it started as a Broadway play—illiterate mountaineers burbling with uncorruptible goodness.

As Will Stockdale, Actor Sammy Jackson ought to make it. Guys pick fights with him and drive their fists against his stomach again and again while he just stands there smiling. Reveille is at 6 a.m., he learned when he started basic last week. "I ain't going to get up that late for nobody," he said.”