Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Domino’s caught on video placing boogers in pizza

Contaminating food with foreign objects (boogers, feces, body parts) is a felony, and here it is, a Domino’s employee proudly blowing boogers onto a Domino’s pizza and wiping his butt with the cleaning sponge:

Updated Video’s of Domino’s booger pizza and butt-wipe feces contamination

Is this a frame-up because Domino's management does not support Queermo marriages?

And here, totally disgusting video's of illegal food contamination:

Somebody realy wants to defame Domino's Pizza - Warniung: criminal acts

From above link, video of employee wiping his butt with a cleaning sponge and contaminating Dominoe's food with feces.

And don't miss the part where he wipes feces onto the cleaning sponge!

Hello? These are felonies, and these kids should be jailed immediately, some folks say that this store is in NC:

Reddit detectives claim to know the store location

Was Domino's food contamination an act of gay terrorism?

It's been noted that both of these people claim to be gay and Kristy is a registered sex offender, so one has to wonder if she is a gay terrorist, going after Dominoe's for being owned by a Republican?

The Conover NC scumbags are arrested and charged with "delivering prohibited foods", hopefully a felony charge suimilat to placing a foreign object in foods.

Arrested scum Kristy Hammonds and Michael Setzer

Kristy is a registered sex offender, convicted of "Sexual battery":


I wonder if there is a hate crime angle to this story?

"Thompson, 31, has a criminal history that includes a conviction for sexual battery last June and convictions for possession of stolen property and breaking into a vending machine". . .

The scumbags claim that they are gay in the video, and because the owner of Domino's is a well-known Republican who opposes Homo marriage, this might possiblt be an act of gay terrorism, plain and simple.