Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Grayson Murray – The Bobby Jones of the 21st Century?

I was watching Antiques Roadshow last week and I got offended when somebody said that Bobby Jones was the Tiger Woods of the 20th century!

In reality, it’s Tiger Woods who is the Bobby Jones of the 21st Century.

Bobby Jones was an amazing golfer, in his day, the best swing on the planet:

In his day, Bobby Jones played gold regularly with President Eisenhower, and enjoyed huge fame.

Tiger is a billionaire and he has a smoking-hot Swedish trophy wife, but how long will be hold-on to his titles?

Enter Grayson Murray of Raleigh North Carolina, who as a 9 year old child who had only been golfing for a few years was already shoots in the 70’s. At 15, he stands poised to challenge Tiger's records:

Grayson Murray - The next tiger?

Tiger Woods was coached by his Dad (a retired Army Lt. Col), and while he was a prodigy, this Grayson kid has him beat already!

Tiger was quoted as saying “people may out play me, but nobody will out-practice me”, a great testament that becoming a great golfer is far more than raw talent.

Grayson is already challenging Tigers records, and he may break Tigers record in 2009:

“Only three other boys have ever won three junior worlds in a row, a trio of names that includes one Eldrick “Tiger” Woods.

And, while Tiger and the other two “three-peaters” would all eventually win four in a row, Murray’s victory in July makes him a perfect three-for-three thus far in his young career — and Murray now has his goal squarely set on equaling his predecessors feat with a four-peat of his own in 2009”.

Make no mistake, I’m a fan of Grayson because he is a home town North Carolina boy, but by golly, any kid who can become a scratch golfer in 18 months is mighty impressive.

Will Grayson fall by the wayside?

Unless he REALLY WANTS IT and practices relentlessly, no amount of raw talent will beat Tiger.