Saturday, April 11, 2009

The best fairway woods

My traditional best fairway wood is the Taylor Made cleek (the old reliable "Ginte"), an amazing, forgiving rescue wood that still has a special place in my bag. The old Taylor-made cleek has a great feel and it gets into rough lies with ease, the best fairway wood and rescue club of the 1980's IMHO:

In the 1980's this was the best fairway wood

But this Ginte fairway club is ancient, a 1980’s model (but you can still buy them on eBay), and the fairway wood technology has changed.

For a fairway wood with a bit more heft, Janet likes the Callaway “Hot X” model fairway woods, her choice for the best ladies fairway wood. The "X" fairway wood has more weight in the club head and you can get some centrifugal force going before impact.

But what’s the best fairway woods for a mid to high handicapper?

For my money, it’s between the Callaway Hot-X and the new Bobby Jones fairway woods.
The Bobby Jones fairway woods are superb for us, Janet and I both have one, and Janet is thinking of replacing her long irons with Bobby Jones fairway woods. The craftsmanship is superb.

PGA Master Brad Clayton turned us on to the Bobby Jones fairway woods, and he has high praise for them. Brad (a right-handed player with a right hand), can hit 120 yards in the air using only his left hand using the Bobby Jones fairway wood. Only a superb fairway club can do that!

Because Janet and I suck at fairway shots, Brad recommended that we try one, and we are hooked! These are the best fairway woods we have ever used, well-balanced and beautiful to behold, with amazing craftsmanship.

Check out this video on the Bobby Jones fairway woods, the best of breed for a mid to high handicapper.

It’s psychological, but playing with a well-crafted club improves my game, a sharp club for a sharp shot.

The Bobby Jones fairway wood are the absolute best for feel and diatance

The Bobby Jones clubs are beautiful, real works of art. The upper just gleams in the sunshine! Golf digest agrees, these are the best fairway woods!

For more research on the best fairway clubs, see my notes on choosing the best fairway woods.