Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Buying a fake college diploma online!

I interview job candidates every week for my clients, and I'm getting pretty good at spotting fake degrees.

Almost all from foreigners who arrive in America using fake credientials, many who are part of the H1-B scam and the O1 Visa Fraudsters.

It's sad fraud has really become an epidemic among computer people.

Online, fake computer experts can be easily spotted because they refuse to disclose their credientials or resume. However, in the real world, they are forced to lie, and that's where you can spot purchased college degrees.

Posers know that they cannot be arrested for lying on their resumes, and fake computer experts litter the Internet. Because plagiarism is not a crime, there is no way to have dishonest H1-B visa holders deported.

Buy your degree online!

I fished this out of my spam bucket today, too funny! Check out the bad grammar!

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