Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Was George Washington a xenophobe?

Beware of Foreign Influence

I recently saw this famous old painting of George Washington at The Greenbrier, and I have enlarged the note by his right hand because of its importance to 21st century America:

Beware of Foreign Influence

In today’s liberal culture you would call this painting xenophobic, which is total crap.

It’s a common technique for hippies to say that anybody who does not approve of something is “phobic”, trying to embarrass them as-if they have some hidden desires.

It's the same garbage that homosexuals use. When somebody find their practices "icky", they label them as “homophobes”. . . .

It does not take a genius to punch holes is this nonsense:

- Are people who hate child molesters “Pedophobes”?

- Are people who don't like to have sex with animals are “Beastophobes”?

- Are people who are wary of foreign influence are “Xenphoobes”?

Just as it was 200 years ago, America is under direct threat from foreign influence, mostly from European countries.

I work with computers, and America is being flooded with phony-baloney self-proclaimed European “experts” who spout anti-American nonsense with free abandon.

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