Monday, February 09, 2009

Sample H1b Visa complaint letter

Sample H1b Visa complaint letter

Senator Richard Burr
217 Russell Senate Office Building,
District of Columbia 20510-3306

Dear Senator,

I am writing to complain about loopholes in the US laws that permit H1B visa workers to displace American professionals and to encourage you to help create programs to train American workers to take these well-paid computer jobs.

Please help Americans keep their jobs and institute a training program for Information Technology workers to fill the slots currently occupied by the H1B visa workers.

Fraud is rampant within the H1B visa program, with studies showing fraud of over 20%.

Even more shocking, there are news reports that tens of thousands of H1B visa workers have gained citizenship using fraudulent credentials. It is my hope that you agree that United States citizenship obtained through fraudulent means is grounds for revocation and deportation, and that you will support measures to identify and deport these criminal immigrants.

There is no shortage of American high-tech professionals, it’s all about money. There are plenty of Americans who would love to have these high-paid software jobs, and it should be a crime to allow large corporations like Microsoft to fire hardworking Americans while retaining their cheaper H1B visa labor.

As an industry professional, I’m saddened to see Americans being displaced by H1B visa workers, and I hope that you will work hard to permanently suspend the H1B visa program and revoke the citizenship from any H1B visa workers who gained American citizenship through fraud.


John Q. Public