Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Order New Mexican food over the Internet

Ever since the Manhattan project introduced a generation of atomic scientists to the wonders of New Mexico food, people have been lusting for this wonderful fusion of Indian and Hispanic influences, an amazing fusion treat found nowhere else on the planet except in the high deserts of New Mexico.

But how can you get New Mexico food shipped to you and order it over the web? Here are my sources:

- Red and Green chile sauce - For years I've bought red chile and green chile from Monroe's in Albuquerque, and they can ship the New Mexico red or green sauce anywhere in the world.

- Red Chile sauce and tamales - Sadie's Salsa sells a great red chile sauce and fantastic tamales by mail.

- New Mexico Chile Rellenos - New Mexico Chile is a great source for Chile Rellenos, cheesy and hot. They make their rellenos from scratch, after you order.

New Mexican food is not just delicious, it’s quite addicting. In New Mexico, chile (never to be confused with "chili") is a cultural thing, the peppers that bind you together (and un-bind you later).

Hatch New Mexico has the world's best chile peppers

In Albuquerque you can get hatch chile on anything! You can buy a Big Mac with green chile added at McDonalds, and you can get a green chile pizza at Pizza Hut.

You can buy green chile sauce by the case, shipped anywhere on the globe.

See my full note here on buying New Mexican food on the web.