Saturday, February 21, 2009

Willful misconduct is not a disability

I’m sick and tired of fat pigs taking-up space in disabled parking slots, and cruising around in those motorized wheelchairs.

Obesity is not a disability!

Challenge the fake disabled

In this age where nobody is responsible for their own actions, willful misconduct is ignored and losers of every type now claim to be victims:

Drunks - Alcoholics are blameless victims of a “disease”. That’s crap.

Fatties - Morbidly obese lardo’s who eat 8,000 calories a day claim to be victims of “glandular conditions”. That’s hogwash. Take any of these gross fat pigs and put them in a concentration camp and they would be slim in no time! It’s simple physics.

Stop feeding the pigs and they lose weight, gland condition or not.

I’ve had enough of this “victim” mentality, and I’m not very PC when I confront the “fake” disabled with suggestions that if they stopped being a glutton, then perhaps, they might not need a wheelchair.

Don't coddle the fake disabled

When I see these fat balls of human crap clogging passageways I go out of my way to be intolerant of them. It’s not so much that they are disgusting, but that they think that people are stupid enough to believe that their own willful misconduct somehow qualifies them as truly disabled.

If these sloths want to eat themselves into a wheelchair that’s their business, but they should not have the right to claim disabled status.

There are enough “real” disabled people out there without lumping-in idiots who eat themselves into a wheelchair.

Obesity is not a disability. Let’s call it what is, willful misconduct.