Thursday, February 05, 2009

Tucson New Mexican Restaurants

OK, it’s cold again, here, and time to head south again, this time to Tucson.

I have two priorities, golf and food! For golf, it looks like these are the do-not-miss courses

- Loews Ventana Canyon Resort - 800-234-5117
- Starr Pass Country Club & Spa - 877-782-7727
- Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Golf Resort- 800-445-8667

Mew Mexico Food in Tucson

When choosing food, it’s important to distinguish between “New” Mexican food and “New Mexican” food:

- “New” Mexican food – Made-up crap like smoked duck quesilldias

- “New Mexican” food – Down-home New Mexico cooking, real Hatch Red and Green Chile, posole, Mexican/Indian/Gringo food

While I’m thrilled that you can now find Anitas (or Little Anitas) New Mexico Style Mexican Food coast-to-coast, from LA to DC, you cannot count on finding one in every city. They are like night and day, so I’d best do some research:

- Taquito Mio: 4951 E Grant Rd # 115: New Mexico Chile enchiladas a specialty – New Mexico enchiladas are a life-changing experience, and they are great with a fried egg on top

- Poco & Mom's Restaurant: 1060 S Kolb Rd: (520) 325-7044 - Serving Breakfast & Lunch Dinner, New Mexican Flat Enchiladas W/Fresh Red & Green Chili. Could this be some of the world’s best Huevos Rancheros I’ve been dreaming of?

- El Charro Café – The El Charro Café is a “New” Mexican grub chain, per dinner menu, and has some good reviews. DO NOT miss their legendary Carne Seca – Carne Seca is re-constipated meat. It’s first dried, ground up (or shredded) and then water is re-added. It’s sort of like beef jerky.

Downtown 311 N. Court Ave. (520) 622-1922
Eastside 6310 E. Broadway Blvd. (520) 745-1922
North 100 W. Orange Grove (520) 615-1922
Speedway 4699 E. Speedway (520) 325-1922
Ventana (520) 514-1922