Wednesday, February 25, 2009

List of surviving operational B-17 bombers

I have a special relationship with the B-17, and I would not be here today if it were not for the superb engineering of these magnificent aircraft. My father flew 52 combat missions in B-17’s during WWII, and if it were not for their amazing toughness, ole Dad would not have been there to conceive me!

Ever since I was a child, I’ve thought of the B-17 as one of the most beautiful aircraft ever built, (and I still do) and it’s sad to think that there are only 13 of these national treasures in flying condition.

44-83514 CAF, Mesa, Arizona. Flies as Sentimental Journey.

44-83546 1941 Historical Aircraft Group, Genesco, New York. Flies as 41-24485, Memphis Belle Replica.

44-83563 Martin Aviation, Santa Ana, California. Flies as 42-97400, Fuddy Duddy.

44-83575 Collings Foundation, Stowe, Massachusetts. Flies as 42-31909, Nine-O-Nine.

44-8543 - Vintage Flying Museum, Fort Worth, Texas. Flies as Chuckie.

44-85718 Lone Star Flight Museum, Galveston, Texas. Flies as 42-38050, Thunderbird.

44-85734 Liberty Belle Foundation, Douglas, Georgia. Flies as 42-97849, Liberty Belle.

44-85740 EAA Aviation Foundation, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Flies as Aluminum Overcast.

44-85778 Palm Springs Air Museum, Palm Springs, California. Flies as Miss Angela.

44-85784 B-17 Preservation Trust, Duxford, England. Flies as 41-24485, Sally B.

44-85829 Yankee Air Force, Willow Run Airport, Ypsilanti, Michigan. Flies as Yankee Lady.

44-8846 Associtation Forteresse Toujours Volante, Paris, France. Flies as Pink Lady.