Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Granny watches her first South Park episode!!

Janet’s Mom is in her 80’s and she hangs out in our house quite a bit. Last week she called Janet, quite agitated, seriously pissed-off!

Evidently she was watching a Carolina game (she is a big basketball fan), and the DVR machine interrupted her game to record an episode of South Park!

Evidently, lots of Grandma’s are die-hard sports fans:

Grannie's like sports!

Because people lose the ability to operate a remote control after age 75, granny sat helplessly while she was being treated to this unwanted potty humor!!!

This is the episode where people are warned about the dangers of Cheesing:

Cheesing - Getting high by inhaling cat pee!

Well, Granny was furious!

Not only did she miss the game, but she was upset at the “nasty” language and nudity in the cartoon! She said that there was a nasty woman, wearing only a belt.

We recognized it as “Major Boobage”, one of the funniest and raunchiest South Park episodes ever!

Speaking of nudity, have you seen this "granny flasher" Halloween costume?

I hope that I don’t lose my sense of humor if I’m lucky enough to live into my 80’s . . .