Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Lawsuit over Baptizing fat dead people

I learned something today.

People of different Christian faiths have vastly different Baptism practices.

Some Christians Baptize their followers as babies as soon as possible after birth:

Some religons Baptize older children:

Some sects Baptize only adults:

And some Baptize the dead.

Lawsuit obver Baptizing the Dead

I did not know this, but several religions Baptize their dead ancestors.

Upon being Baptized, some believe that God snatches their charred and tormented souls of their ancestors from the bowels of Heck and tosses them through the Pearly Gates.

What a nice thing to do for that ancient ancestor who was hung as a horse thief!

However, baptizing the dead is not without its perils, according to this lawsuit.

This is from a New York Times article titled “Saving Souls Hurt Back”:

“The suit filed Wednesday in Salt Lake City claims that Daniel Dastrup injured his back after performing about 200 baptisms on Aug. 25, 2007.

He said some of those who were baptized weighed as much as 250 pounds.”