Saturday, June 11, 2005

Smokey get his girls

Yesterday we heard the dogs barking like crazy and discovered that the mini mares had broken the gate chain and got into the front yard with Smokey the stallion. . .

You see,more than 25 mares had come-in to season at the same time, and they were all "hot to trot" with Smokey. They were all backed-up to the fence, waving their fannies in his face, and driving poor ole Smokey crazy.

Well, Smokey must have thought that he had gone to heaven and gotten his 72 virgins. The chain broke and the mares were all over him. That's Janet in the picture below, chasing Smokey aware from his horny harem:

By the way, mares in-season are shameless sluts, spreading their legs for any stallion that comes along. Smokey did this two years ago and produced a filly, which we appropriately named "Smokey's Escapade", who we call Essey. Of course, Janet brings Mom
inside the house to foal. . . .

Before that, Smokey fathered a full-sister to Essey which we named Rainey because she was born in our living room on a rainy night:

So, we are pretty sure that Smokey made love to at least one of the mares, so now I’m faced with two options:

  • The fun of paying for 25 abortion shots, one for each mare (cost, $750).

  • The fun of having another mare foal on our living room carpet (cost, priceless).

It's funny that groups of mares tend to sync-up their estrous cycles, just like groups of human women. There must be some evolutionary reason for this, but it did not do much for Smokey, since it would have taken him a week to breed all of those mares.