Monday, August 15, 2005

Guide Horse television ad!

The State of Florida just released this Guide Horse television ad. While the ad is superb, we always cringe because it will mean a flood of more applicants to add to our growing waiting list. .

Cheryl Spencer and her husband Chris came to the Guide Horse Foundation several years ago and they could not wait for our multi-year backlog and decided to have a guide horse trained for them by a professional trainer.

We could have cranked-out dozens of Guide Horses over the past 5 years, but the personal responsibility and commitment is overwhelming and we more very carefully and slowly. We never forget that blind people trust their lives to their guides every day.

While we felt bad at not being able to provide Cheryl a horse immediately, we are thrilled at her work with her gorgeous guide pony “Confetti”. Confetti has been very well-trained, and she has flown commercial and is welcomed everywhere, including a cruise ship:

Cheryl loves Confetti very much, and made her special “evening shoes” for formal occaisions:

We are thrilled to see our invention of Guide Horses becoming widely accepted. . .