Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Andy Rooney pwned by Ali G.!

Ali G and Andy Rooney

Borat movie mania is striking the USA, with hundreds of people queued-up for tickets to the Borat movie here in North Carolina.

Don’t miss the music album of songs from the Borat movie including the hit song “Throw the Jew down the well”!

However, most folks don't know about Ali G. the rapper-wannabee played by the talented Sacha Cohen, a fellow with the Moxie to interview the old curmudgeon himself, Andy Rooney:

This hilarious video shows Andy Rooney taking-on Ali G. (Borat), with great results, actually intimidating Cohen, a rare event indeed:

Ali G. vs. Andy Rooney

Ali G. pretends to be a black rapper, and Rooney rips him a new one!

Borat attracts lawsuits

The Borat movie is expected to clear 60 million dollars by this weekend, so it’s no surprise that Cohen is also being sued by German gypsies and by the glorious nation of Kazakhstan, for defamation! The glorious nation of Kazakhstan is way-pissed at Borat, and for good reason:

“Borat has told the world that Kazakhs are addicted to horse urine, enjoy shooting dogs, view rape and incest as respectable hobbies, and are fond of pursuits like "running of the Jew" festivals”

Since the official movie title is “Borat!: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan”, it would make sense that Kazakhstan should benefit from the hundreds of millions of dollars that this move will make.

But you have to admit, Cohen is very, very funny. Check-out this wet-your-pants funny Ali G. skit with an ER doctor

Cohen also plays Brüno, a gay Austrian, very offensive and funny, as shown here: Brüno the queer Aussie - Video

Offensive Gay Aussie Brüno

But Cohen is very different in real-life, a rare Brit who is friendly and funny. I spent hours watching you-tube video's of Cohen, laughing until I cried:

You Tube video’s with Sacha Cohen

(Don't miss the interview with Butros Butros Gali, where he gets him to admit that Arabic people sound funny!)

In real-file, Sacha Cohen is a refined Brit with an English degree from Oxford:

The “Real” Cohen on the Daily show - Hilarious