Saturday, April 26, 2008

Scout & Cuddles in New York

We just returned from a seeing-eye pony training sojourn in New York City, and it’s always great fun to training the guide ponies in New York.

Noel the dog gets jealous on the attention given to the ponies:

Fortunately, there are many hotels in NYC that accept ponies as guests. See my list of Horse Friendly Hotels in New York City.

We started by working Scout and Cuddles in Times Square:

If a guide animal can manage Times Square traffic, they can guide anywhere. It's the ultimate test:

We thought that this "My Little Pony" display was especially appropriate:

Scout is not only potty-rained, but he will “go” on command (the secret words are “bombs away”), very handy in New York, where there are limited relief areas:

We run into all sorts of fun people, and here we are with Jane Goodall:

While there, Dan & Cuddles and Janet & Scout appeared in the Fox Morning show, live national TV.

They all started in "Makeup":

Even Cuddles got groomed:

We also got to meet some celebs, can you guess who this fellow is (between me and Janet)?

Here is a video snippet from the story:

Scout and Cuddles – Live in New York!