Friday, April 15, 2011

Be careful putting a Potato in your Speedo!

There is an old urban legend that a man can make himself more attractive to the ladies by putting a potato in his underwear.

But most Americans don't need any "male enhancement":

Some say that the ladies are attracted to a bluge in the britches

Some insecure men believe that size matters, and European men wear padded underwear to compensate for having teenie weenies:

Underwear for European men

No Lie, they make special itty-bitty condoms for European men:

A Eurpoean condom

Be careful using a potato to enhance your masculinity

Once upon a time there was a European who was told that he could attract women at the beach if he stuffed a potato into his Speedo.

He immediate went to the grocery store and inserted a potato into his swimsuit.

However, when he started strutted his stuff down the beach, the ladies did not react as he expected.

Instead of being impressed, they pointed and laughed at him.

“What am I doing wrong?” he asked his friend.

“You Idiot!"

"You are supposed to wear the potato in the front of your swim trunks!”