Monday, May 05, 2014

Drink more milk from cats

Restaurateurs and connoisseurs know the value in non-cow dairy products. For centuries, dairy products from goats and other small mammals has been highly-prized.

For example Roquefort salad dressing tastes exactly the same as blue cheese salad dressing, but it costs 5x as much, largely because of "snob-appeal", and the scarcity of people willing to milk tiny goats all day.

Let’s take a closer look at drinking cats milk

More teats, more milk In the dairy industry it has long been observed that cats have double the teats of cows, hence twice the source of pure cat milk:

Breed            Number of teats
horses            2 teats
cows              4 teats
cats                8 teats
dogs             10 teats

The cat milk craze can be traced to the Middle Ages when drinking cats milk was a sign of being erudite and showed that you had veracity and the patience to milk the cats.

Infinitely varied, cat milk is heavily influenced by breed, and cats milk from Siamese cats is the most highly prized, while the milk of larger cats (Tigers & Lions) has a more robust flavor.