Wednesday, April 11, 2007

FCC may regulate the Internet

In the wake of the Kathy Sierra threat scandal, not to mention the dozens of people who have been murdered by web predators, we now see Uncle Charley taking a serious interest in regulating the web!

Your friends at the FCC

Uncle Charley has been very effective in the past in regulating broadcasting via radio, and the Internet is easier because they don’t have to track-down offenders in the back woods with CB radios. This Computerworld publication titled "Why the FCC will regulate the Internet" notes:

"Government controls over the Internet are not only coming - they're already here”

I’ve noted here that the proposed sanctions by the FCC are long overdue, and they recognize that only government regulation will stop the abuse by anonymous web scum.

Totally voluntary efforts at implementing a web code of conduct (such as Tim O’Reilly) will have no effect whatsoever on the bad guys.

I got my first FCC license back in the 1960’s (FCC radiotelephone operators permit) and there is absolutely nothing wrong with registering with the FCC, unless you are a bad guy. Honest folks have nothing to fear.

Some say that even Jesus himself loves the FCC:

Interestingly, the FCC overrides the rights of the First Amendment (and, BTW the immunity of section 230 of the DMCA), and it’s clear that anyone who broadcasts, whether by radio, TV or a web blog, should be duly licensed and required to fully identify themselves.

Only criminals will fear this coming non-anonymous internet, and I expect a huge backlash from deviants, porn peddlers and hippies, it’s clear that Uncle Charley can come to the rescue of the ailing Internet.