Saturday, May 26, 2007

Filming an eBay commercial in New York City

Scout the guide horse is back in the Big Apple for the filming of an eBay TV commercial, and this is the first eBay commercial using a guide horse.

We are staying at one of New York City’s horse friendly hotels, and everyone is having a great time. Scout is enjoying his hotel suite, but Noel the doggie is a bit jealous.

In the eBay commercial, a blind fellow finds the perfect dress shoes for his seeing eye pony.

It’s just like our blind people do when they make their own shoes for their guide horses.

The commercial is a huge production, with over 50 crewmembers, actors and NYC police to block-off the streets for the outdoor scenes.

Best of all, we have our own caterer on the street corner, all free food!

In one scene, Scout has to go potty on cue, but he did not need to go at the time, so the crew improvised a stream of horse pee using yellow mouthwash and a tube, very creative.

Normally Scout will pee on cue, but only if he needs to go:

We filmed today on the lower east side, and it was great to have all of the crew and police to keep the street clear for filming:

Jen1 and Christina were Scout's aids, and they helped Janet keep him sparkly clean and fresh for the cameras:

Last time we were in NYC, Scout got to meet scientist Jane Goodall:

Scout likes New York City, and he recently attended an improv comedy show sponsored by Monkey Dick. Tomorrow we wrap-up and we are looking forward to seeing the finished commercial.