Sunday, September 30, 2007

Facebook helps identify bad employees!

More than ever before, computer systems are being compromised by dishonest and unstable computer professionals, and the news is full of reports about theft and abuse by today's computer weirdos.

Whether it's simply altering data for personal gain or selling mission-critical information to your business competitors, management is challenged to screen-out anyone with a history or predisposition for dishonesty.

The lure of big bucks and babes entices marginal people

It's big business, and I have helped many large corporations choose trustworthy employees and identify posers. I especially like the "web search" background checks.

I remember a case where a job applicant was rejected for something that they did back in 1998 (it was an unprofessional remark in a USENET Newsgroup). In another memorable case, a job candidates was rejected because his Facebook page contained a photo of him holding a "bong" (a marijuana delivery vehicle).

Your Facebook pages can get you disqualified!

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