Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Protection for single woman

My daughter lives as a single person, and personal protection is very important to her. There are many choices in home protection, and while many use guns, others choose to supplement their arsenal with a Rottweiler.

Here in NC, fashionable upscale women are discovering the charm of designer handguns.

What a fine gift a handgun makes for the lady of your life. The fashionable woman wants to accessorize, and it's always been difficult to match their wardrobe to a plain ladies handgun. Even the popular Derringer pocket pistols suffer from a drab appearance and women everywhere are demanding a gun that's both deadly and fashionable.

The latest in ladies handguns combine interchangeable grips that allow the fashionable young lady to accessorize her handgun to match her wardrobe.

You can now replace the grips on fine ladies pistols to match their purse, shoes and scarf. You can even buy color-coordinated bullets for the complete fashion statement.

But when it comes to protecting their “family”, Rottweiler’s stand alone as one of the world’s most stealthy killing machines.

The Rottweiler for home protection

Dogs possess more genetic variations than any species, and there are distinct differences in Rottweiler bloodlines. Not all Rottweiler breeders are created equal, and some breed for specialized traits such as a calm nature and trustworthiness.

Rottweiler’s are amazing dogs, the product of selective breeding since Roman times. Originally bred as a Roman protection dog, the great folks in Rottweil Germany preserved this ancient breed, a dog that is unique in the dog world. Rottweiler’s are very nurturing dogs, and properly trained, they can an enormous maternal instinct.

Our Rottweiler’s love baby kittens, puppies and children, and the famous Rottweiler Carl could be trusted with even the youngest children.

A rottweiler nursing baby kittens

Remember, dog show breeders are breeding for conformation and they may not always be interested in breeding for personality characteristics. Here is an exceptionally good overview of things to check when buying a Rottweiler pup.

Rottweilers: The stealthy killer

Unlike the noisy “junkyard” dogs, Rottweiler’s will often lie in wait for their prey, ensuring that their victims are well within attack range before killing the intruder.

Like any powerful dog, Rottweiler’s are considered lethal weapons, and great responsibility is involved in ensuring that your Rottweiler is not a danger to the public. Rearing a Rottweiler bitch is a big responsibility.

Many years ago, Janet had a burglar enter her home. Her Rottie waited silently until the burglar had completely entered through her window and then attacked him savagely, ripping hunks of flesh from his body.

Janet called 911 immediately and grabbed her revolver. There was blood everywhere but the burglar got away, never to be seen again. The police estimated that he had severe blood loss but worse yet, the blood ruined Janet’s drapes.

When raised from puppies, Rottweiler’s will instinctually bond with their “pack”, and they are great for protecting herds of livestock.

See my notes on choosing a Rottweiler puppy for home protection.