Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pizzles snacks for dogs

A pizzle by any other name . . .

I was looking at this jar of smokehouse dog treats (snack mix) and noted that the main ingredients were bull and steer “pizzles”:

Penis treats for dogs

WTF is a pizzle? The dictionary says that pizzle is the Olde English word for penis, and I guess pizzle sounds better than other euphemisms for penis. But with the strict truth in advertising laws, I would expect better disclosure, as I'm not sure that I want my dogs eating a penis.

Are pizzles just for animal food? No, evidently you can buy pizzles in the grocery store:

Delicous Pizzles?

Now, my Rottweiler’s have been chowing-down on penis’s for several weeks now, and I’m not sure that I’m comfortable with them developing a taste for clamping down on my manhood. The manufacturer should let people know that what they are really buying is not a “snack mix”, but a jug of dicks. I advocate a more obvious name. maybe:

- Dongs for dogs
- Jug O’ Wangs

Upon further research, I see that pizzles are used in many products. How about this golf putter, the pizzle putter:

The pizzle putter

I love their comments:

“Limited supply. The bulls don't give these up without a fight."