Thursday, February 21, 2008

World record sale price at Arabian horse auction!

World record set for Polish Arabian horse!

The highest price paid at auction in history, 2.8 million dollars for a Bask-bred Arabian, Baske Afire, a Bask great-grandson, at the Scottsdale auction!

His new owner is Barbara Chur of Strawberry Banks Farm in New York

Interestingly, Baske Afire is an Afire Bey V son (and, of course, a Huck grandson)! The previous record was *Muscat, who went for only two million back in the 1970’s.

Baske Afire - Sold for $2,800,000.00

Prices are coming up again for Bask Polish horses, a good sign with all of our Bask bloodlines. Check out this CNN video, a beautiful stallion, all action, high action.

Baske Afire Video

I’ll bet his stud fees are going up soon, very soon.

Polish Performance Power!

Burleson Arabians is dedicated to breeding the Polish Arabian Performance horse, pure Polish Performance Power . . . . Too many halter horses are bred exclusively for looks, resulting in too much type and not enough action:

Too much dish?

Our horses, Successor, Praetor, Sarah, Rye, are also *Bask grandchildren, but not the same exact line as Baske Afire, but the same breed standard nonetheless . . . .

Our Bask Afire was the son of the most popular paring of all-time, the *Bask x Susecion cross. Note his level croup, which belies his extreme high action, quite decaptive to find a hose with both beauty and power:

Bask Afire

Our Bask grandson Successor, has also won numerous championships:

Suscessor - A *Bask Grandson

It's great to know that all of our linebreeding research has been replicated by other top breeders and that Polish Arabians have such interest in the market again.

Maybe it’s time to start consigning at auctions again . . . . . Nah, it would be like selling a family member . . . . .