Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sheetz "Crispy Frickin Chicken"

Conservative folks are aghast that Sheetz has introduced a new product, aptly named "Crispy Frickin Chicken":

Well I'll be fuddly-ucked, Sheetz is being accused of using "Fowl Language" with this frickin chicken campaign.

I hear that these were several runner-up name choices:

- Crispy-ass chicken
- Goddamn crispy chicken
- Mother Cluckers chicken sandwich
- The Sheetz sandwich: As good as it sounds . . .

And a good slogan would help too, maybe like this:

"Life is a Sheetz sandwich, and every day you must take a bite".

"Frickin Chicken: It's finger frickin good"

Here is funny Fark commentary on this fricking chicken:

And their suggested alternative name:

Ah, the outrage continues. What a frickin mess:

But it's a billiant ad campaign.

They could not buy this kind of publicity!