Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A miracle fruit flavor tripping party

Planning a miracle fruit flavor tripping party

See my complete notes here on having fun with Miracle Fruit and having a flavor tripping party.

The latest rage in Manhattan is to have a flavor tripping party and its great fun. You prepare a platter of bitter foods and then ingest “Miracle Fruit”, special berries that deaden your taste for bitter flavors.

Step one – get miracle berries. As of today, they cost about $2 each:

$40 in miracle fruit does a party for ten

Step 2 – Prepare a tasting of super bitter foods

This part is easy, just load up with bitter foods, sour fruits, hot sauces, tequila and so on.

Chef James Gray with flavor tripping platter

Step 3 – Start tripping!

Eating the Miracle fruit numbs your tongue, and you can feel the numbness for about an hour, but be prepared, everything taste sweet!

Far and away, the favorites were sour citrus. Key Lime juice can be sipped without puckering, and fresh lines and grapefruit taste like sweet candy.

Sure, the Miracle fruit thing is just a fad, but it’s something fun to do, something different in a gastronomic wasteland. . . .