Friday, November 07, 2008

Racism in Google keyword suggestions!

I love the Google keyword suggestion feature because it shows what other people are using for their keyword searches. However, Google also shows racist queries. Consider this query “why do black”. Try this yourself, the results are surprising:

Racist Google keyword suggestions about black people

Every racial stereotype, watermelon, fried chicken, plus frequencies so you can see how popular the racial stereotypes are! And it’s the same for other races! Consider this for “why do white”:

Racist Google keyword suggestions indicating white people stereotypes

I love the "why do white people smell like wet dogs!" That one is true I guess, many people from Asia have asked me that!

And let’s not forget “why do Asians”:

Racist stereotypes of Asians as reported by Google

In America anyone can become president, but racial stereotypes are alive and well. How are cartoonists going to draw Obama?

Everyone in the public eye is the butt of jokes and their features are exaggerated, but I wonder if drawing the president with black features will be accepted?

(Thanks Robin for the searches!)