Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Concession food at the State Fair!

As Dan and Cuddles approach being the world’s longest active guide animal team, we are preparing some new guide horse candidate for training against our backlog of blind applicants.

Dan is scary looking biker guy, so we named his guide horse “Cuddles”

Large noisy crowds are a great way to train guide horses to make them oblivious to distractions, so Jael and Jen3 took to the NC state Fair with their student guide horses:

Jael and Jen3 take to the streets with their students

One command they must learn is how to “go” on command, even in a crowd (without “stage fright”). Of course, we must not use common phrases for such activities, and his command to take a dump is “bombs away”.

Guide horses are taught to relieve themselves on command

The fair is great fun, and here we are at the hay competition, and it’s no surprise that NC farmers produce some of the best grass anywhere:

At the State Fair hay competition

But the fair is more than exhibits, it's a chance to eat some incredible gut-bombs that are found nowhere else on the globe!

Eating crap at the state fair

Some of the crap at the state fair is just plain nasty, but you have to at least try it.

All you need is a deep fryer and some imagination. . . .

Deep fried corn – Yum!

I thought it was gross, but Pal liked it and helped Jael finish it off:

And this concoction is different, stuffed corn dogs:

Jalapeño and cheese stuffed corn dogs

Chocolate covered bacon

But the big hit this year is chocolate-covered bacon, delish:

Called “pig lickers”, the chocolate-covered bacon was a great hit, salty and chewy chocolate, with a smoky aftertaste:

And of course, no trip to the fair is complete without some deep fried butter!

Deep-fried butter makes a great desert after deep fried entree's

See more on our training mission to the NC state fair.